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Many smaller companies are unsure on how modern
universities are able to cater for their
specialist needs. This is about to change!

Training overview

The Department for Business Innovation & Skills [BIS] and the Department for Education [DfE] have prioritised the challenges faced by employers, in:

  • increasing the level of skill of the existing workforce
  • providing incentives for businesses to upskill their employees.

Universities within the Solent region offer over 6,500 existing and bespoke short courses, designed specifically for professional development to benefit your business. The Learning & Skills Council [LSC] amongst others provide advice and guidance, with other initiatives providing financial support.

And yet, universities are often not the first choice for businesses trying to address these challenges. Businesses have traditionally found it hard to find the correct contact within universities, and as a result, universities currently provide only about 5% of the national workforce training in the UK.

Take advantage of the government's commitment to support, strengthen and grow the engineering and science sector. You can also influence the content and structure of the courses at your local universities.

The Business and University Partnerships portal can help your business compete in a dynamic market. We offer information and guidance to:

  • broker partnerships with universities to develop graduate course content
  • understand the benefits and best approaches to working with universities
  • provide guidance on how to engage with and develop a partnership
  • influence career paths of future employees
  • provide opportunities to develop your current workforce
  • sponsor Project Modules / Careers Fairs / Student Prizes

Additionally, our search function details sector specific courses on offer from local universities.

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