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Interns & Recruits
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If you play your cards right, your next team
member could be a top of the grade specialist who’s
as keen to serve as they are economically viable.

Interns & Recruits overview

Most large companies recognise the need to attend careers fairs to meet, engage with and recruit graduates. Small and medium enterprises [SMEs] often don't attend, and miss out on the opportunities.

As a small business, it can be hard to take advantage of the student and graduate market.

  • Who do I speak to?
  • What is the process?
  • What funding is available?

Large numbers of science and engineering graduates are lost to the engineering industry, having been 'poached' by other sectors. Most companies identify science skills as business critical, so these candidates are in high demand. Savvy businesses engage with graduates before they leave university or take a different career path.

Did you know that universities are highly motivated to provide:

  • the brightest sponsored students
  • low cost internships
  • efficient graduate recruitment
  • short, medium or long term work placements to boost your team
  • bespoke undergraduate projects as a feasibility study
  • bespoke postgraduate projects to solve your problems?

The Business & University Partnerships portal advises SMEs on how to work with your local university to recruit skilled engineering and science interns and graduates.

Help your business realise the potential of the UK's brightest minds by accessing highly motivated quality interns and graduates.

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