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Helping the engineering and science sectors in the Solent
and South East region tap into and profit from new
partnerships with UK's prestigious universities.

About us

Business & University Partnerships is the UK’s first independent business portal providing comprehensive information to help engineering and science sector SMEs tap into the UK’s most prestigious universities.

Universities are keener than ever to partner with small and medium sized businesses. Now is the perfect time to take advantage of this opportunity.

Business & University Partnerships is specifically geared to support the interests of small and medium enterprises as they engage with universities.

Services - The best intellectual resources and engineering facilities are now available for small and medium sized businesses if you know where to look. We'll show you how to find them, who to talk to, and what to expect.

Training - In today's education market, universities are more flexible than ever. With the right contacts, you’ll have a tailor made course to precisely match your business case.

Interns & Recruits - The UK's brightest minds love to work in smaller, innovative and agile environments. If you approach the right department in the right way, potential recruits will want to know more about how to make a difference to your business.


Business & University Partnerships are actively working with trade organisations, universities and businesses in the region to promote profitable collaboration. Read more

Advisory board

Our Advisory board is made up by representatives from key trade organisations and higher education the Solent region. Read more

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